Congratulations to Christina Navarrette, our BIG $30,000.00 cash winner!

Congratulations to Christina Navarrette, our $30,000 Grand Prize winner! And, congrats to all won a sweet $2018 in cash in Mix 106.9’s “Year Without Bills” Giveaway!

Mix 106’9s Year Without Bills Giveaway is sponsored by Bushwhacker, next to Junction City in Peoria. Check out everything you’ll find at Bushwhacker HERE.


Our $2018 cash winners:

Dana Demientieff

Mike Miller

Hannah Spurr

Jason Tucker

Jeremy Renfro

Dale Branning

Brenda Surinak

Monte Kunkle

Casey Haddox

Jeff Foster

Rima Saba

Cheri Coe

Ryan Mitchem

Tami Collins

Roger Brown

Kathy Swords

Jody Coday

Ashley Barron

Selina Scott





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