Nope, that’s not a trumpet.

My almost 6 year old nephew stopped over last week to visit with the baby. He was just so infatuated with her little feet and hands. Truly, love at first sight for him.

Easton is still learning the difference between “he” and “she”. Both vocabulary and clearly physically. For when I went to change the baby’s diaper, Easton exclaimed to me “His pee-pee is different!!” That’s when I giggled but answered, “that’s because he’s a she”.

But nothing prepared me for what Easton did next. He picked up my freshly-cleaned breast pump from the nightstand, placed it on his mouth and tooted “doot..doo..doo…dooooo”.

I seriously could not contain my laugher, totally peed my pants (which happens often these days) but yet informed him… dude that’s not a trumpet.

I’ve got blackmail for years!


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