What would you like to see on Peoria’s Riverfront?

Hey, it’s Randy. Now’s your chance to let city officials know what you’d like to see on the downtown Peoria Riverfront. The City of Peoria and Terra Engineering are hosting an open meeting concerning development of Peoria’s riverfront, this evening from 5 to 7 in The Gateway Building. “It’s a public meeting for anyone who would like to participate,” said Terra Engineering Vice President George Ghareeb. Ghareeb says more green space, as well as offices and apartments are currently slated to go up along the riverfront.


“We want to hear from business owners, people who live and work there, people who go to the area for recreation and so on,” Ghareeb said. “We will walk through the project and look at land use in the area (and) case studies of what has been done throughout the country.”

What are some things YOU would  like to see on the new Riverfront?



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