5 Uses For Baby Wipes other than on your Baby!

Dogs get dirty paws, and get on our furniture.  Baby Wipes clean furniture without any residue!

House Dusting
From the fake wood tv stand to the fake fireplace, Baby Wipes make everything spiffy and new!
I’ve even used them to dust fan blades. Especially the ones in the kitchen.

Dog Slobber on Windows
Our dogs LOVE to stare out the windows. After a few weeks, a serious film of dog snot/spit begins to form over window.
Glass cleaner works, but requires A LOT of elbow grease. Baby wipes…work magic. Comes right off!

Cleaning Actual Dogs
Our dogs love to play outside together. The bad part is, they have worn the grass away from playing and there is bare dirt.
Oh, and I forgot to mention, they like to ROLL in that dirt. Baby wipes cleans the dirt, and makes their coat shiny and soft!

The Daddy
My husband has elected to keep a pouch of Baby Wipes in his car at all times not just for the baby.
Workday lunches can be messy!





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