7 Year Old Alex Walker Raised a Lot of Money to Help Sick Kids

Alex Walker is a 7 year old girl from Cleveland who as epilepsy. She’s been in and out of hospitals and a few years ago noticed some of the other sick kids didn’t have their own stuffed animal. She wanted to give them some of hers, but couldn’t because of germs. When she was 4 years old she took all the money from her piggy bank and bought 13 teddy bears. Since then, she’s purchased another 400 plush toys by collecting donations and selling tomato plants she grows herself. Every month, Alex and her mom deliver stuffed animals to kids at the Cleveland Clinic. GOFundMe.com has something called “Kid Hero” where they spotlight one kid a month who’s doing great things. They just named Alex as their Kid Hero for June. Since then, donations have exceeded $18,000!

For more on the story and to donate, click HERE



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