A Dog’s Life Was Saved by the Generosity of Strangers

Randy Etter lives in Indianapolis and he’s trying to be a singer so money is tight right now. He recently found out his pit bull Gemini ate a sock and part of a plastic bottle, got it lodged in his intestines, so now he needs surgery to remove it. It’s VERY expensive and Randy wasn’t sure how he was going to afford it. The cost was up to $6000 for the surgery and needed to happen asap. If that’s not bad enough, Randy was fired from his day job for not showing up, because he was busy driving Gemini back and forth to different vets. Sooo he decided to try to sell his car to pay for the surgery. He listed it for $1000 less than its worth in order to quickly sell it. A non-profit group called S.O.A.R heard about him and what was going on, so they posted his story on Facebook. Donations start pouring in!! One person donated 3 grand to help!! And a friend of Randy’s donated $2000 to help. Gemini is doing much better, and pretty much back to normal.

To see pics of Gemini and the entire story, click HERE



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