A Woman’s Rules For Her Husband at a Bachelor Party Are Going Viral

Well this marriage seems like it’s built on a stable foundation of trust and respect…NOT!

On today’s Morning Mix, Randy & Steph are talking about a woman in Australia who is going viral because she recently posted a list on Facebook asking her friends for advice. Her husband is going to a friend’s bachelor party and, well, here’s what she had to say . . .

Quote, “I’m more than happy for him to go, but we are Christians so I was thinking of writing a list of rules for all the men to follow. Let me know if I’ve missed something.”

And her list has 10 rules including: No drugs . . . no alcohol . . . no strippers, dancers, women . . . all phones need to be tracked at all times . . . no swearing . . . midnight curfew . . . and no hurting each other, including play wrestling.

Her friends BOMBARDED her with comments about how it was a terrible idea, so eventually she edited the post.

Quote, “You’re right, I can’t control him once he leaves the house and I can’t control his friends. So I’ve decided just to not let him go.”

Wow! Have you EVER laid a list of Bachelor/Bachelorette party rules on your hubby/wife?




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