An 81 Year old Man Rocks Babies to Sleep in a Hospital, and Made a Donation

81 year old Louis Mapp in Mobile, Alabama volunteered at his local hospital, rocking babies to sleep in order to give their parents a break, or when the nurses were too busy. On top of volunteering, he and his wife decided to donate to the hospital. Louis used to work as a banking sector before he retired so they have a nice nest egg. They wanted to share their egg….and donated a million dollars to the neonatal center. Louis said he wanted to make sure he could continue to make a difference after he and his wife passed away. The nurses got to decide how to spend the money, too. Some of the money will be spent on Leo beds which are used for extremely premature babies. Each bed is about $50,000 so the money with go towards a great cause. To read the entire story and see Louis hard at work, click HERE



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