CJ’s Birth Story

It’s been 7 weeks, yet I still can’t believe that we have our own tiny human.

I often replay in my mind the time she came into the world. Everyone has their own birth story, but this is mine.

Saturday, January 27th 7:30pm

After dinner I decided vacuuming the WHOLE house was a great idea! Aka: nesting. Midway through, I felt like I had peed my pants. Which was pretty normal, but I had just peed so I was mad, because dang, ya know?
But when I went to the check, I found out it was not pee. It was blood.

Now during my pregnancy I was prescribed injectable blood thinners due to a blood clot (DVT) I had in my leg in my mid-twenties. I had just shot myself up with Heparin so I wondered at that time if that had caused it.

First, I called my sister-in-law Shelly who is a nurse. She told me not to panic, that it happens, but I should probably get checked out.

Then, called my Maternal/Fetal Specialist. He also told me, not to panic, but to get checked out.

I wasn’t panicking, honestly. Just highly concerned. So to the ER we went!

Saturday January 27th 9pm

We were quickly taken to labor and delivery where they hooked me up to monitors tracking her heartbeat and contractions and also did a sonogram to make sure there wasn’t a placenta abruption.

Everything was ok.

So, they decided to keep me over night just for monitoring with the intent to send me home in the morning.

Sunday January 28th 8am

Morning came and my regular OB came to officially ‘check me’. The report: 2cm dilated 80% effaced. As you know, you can be 2cm for weeks! So, he said “we will watch you for another day and if you progress we will have a baby, if not we will send you home”.

Basically, hurry up and wait.


My husband had gone home the night before to let out the dogs and sleep. I had just FaceTimed with him and decided I was going to take a long, relaxing hospital shower, because why not? Only had time to kill.

After only a mere 30 minutes, I went to step my water-prune toes out of the shower tub when all of a sudden: POP!

I calmly pulled the emergency cord next to the pooper and the nurse came a running. All I said was, uhhhhhhhh looking down at the floor. She said, “don’t panic, do what you need to do and then I’ll check you”.
Do you see a theme here. So much don’t panic. Lol.

After brushing my teeth and putting my hair in a pony, the nurse informs me that yes indeed my membranes were not long intact and I was at 4cm.

Whoa nilly. Here we go.

Just that week I had spoke to my regular OB about my desire to just have a C-section. For various reasons including the fact that I have had several very invasive abdominal surgeries resulting in a giant hernia repair, I felt this was the way to go.

That was the plan.

I had also chatted with my MF specialist about my C-section wishes. He encouraged me at the time to at least think about having her the vag way.
When word got back to him that the baby was en route, he had the nurse ask me one more time if I would consider it. I thought about it for a moment… and said “ok fine, let’s give it a whirl”.

The good part: I was progressing at record pace. The bad part: all my paperwork was set up for a c-section epidural not vaginal and it took time to change it. The contractions kicked in full force and before I knew it they were feeling non-stop and I was at 5cm.

The pain was so bad I was shaking.

Things I didn’t know: when your water breaks it doesn’t all come out at once. After the first big contraction, I was horrified because I thought I was peeing myself again! So much pee, but not this time by golly!

Finally the nice epidural lady did her magic and I felt MUCH better. Although I did have this little area just above my left hip where I could still feel everything. They said that happens sometimes, but it was so much better I didn’t even care.
Also, I thought my legs were going to be totally numb… but they weren’t. Which I think made the whole process easier, especially after.


To my surprise, the nurse checked my progress and said I was at a 10 and I’m ready to start pushing. While she went and grabbed the midwife and baby team, I literally turned to my SIL Shelly ( who was in the delivery room with my husband) and said “How the eff do I do this?” See, I had it in my mind for months that I was going to have a c-section. Sooo Lamaze/shamaze. Crap! She said “it’s like taking the biggest poop of your life” Ok! I can do this, I’ve even at the buffet many times.

Push time.

There I was with my legs in giant, high off the bed stir ups, spotlights from the ceiling were illuminating my lady parts, and with what felt like 20 people in the room. But I did not care. I just closed my eyes, and every time they said push, I did. It didn’t take very long for them to say, “oh there’s her head with so much dark hair”.  Say what? We’re both blondes!

One weird question I actually asked my husband the next day was: did someone put their fingers in my butt trying to help the baby out?!?? Because it sooo felt like it. He said they were putting lube everywhere, but he didn’t think that was the case. Hindsight, I think that’s probably when I was tearing.

After her head was out they told me not to push, but Mother Nature took over with a giant contraction and Baby Brooklynne literally flew out like a torpedo!!

The next thing I knew they had placed her on my chest and I was holding my baby. My baby, what an awesome thing.

I still look at her sometimes when she’s sleeping and just thank God and cry.

What a true miracle she is.



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