Dear Job: This is why I am always late

I will fully preface this with: I struggled to be punctual before. But it’s a new whole ball game now that I have Little Miss.

Part of the issue is, I just cannot stop myself from picking up and doing clean-up stuff before heading to work.
Laundry, dishes, sweeping, setting out what we’re going to have for dinner, yup I’m doing it all before I head in.
Why? Because when I get home from work, it’s making dinner, cleaning it up, folding laundry and putting it away, getting the baby ready for bed and whatever else pops up.

I often wonder how other Mom’s do it. I acknowledge lots of other women make it to work on-time. Why can’t I?
Maybe their hire someone to clean. Maybe I should?

It may be a bit sexist, but I also wonder if the men who I work with do any of the housekeeping duties or if their wives take care of everything?

All things I ponder while I’m stressing-out, driving into work later than I wanted to get there.

Why can’t I just make myself say, eff it and not clean it?

What is your secret? Or are you always fighting to be on time too?



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