Happy Earth Day! Would you be OK with bringing your own dishes to a restaurant as an Eco-friendly move that would also get you a discount?

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Randy & Steph are talking about this Earth Day story—There’s a new trend where restaurants are giving people discounts for bringing in their own dishes. One small salad chain even got an award from the EPA for a program where they give people a huge savings on their food if they bring a reusable bowl. Do you think this is a good idea?

It’s a win-win for the restaurants: It’s an eco-friendly move . . . and, not to be too cynical, but they can save on having to buy plates and bowls.

There’s a small chain called Just Salad that’s getting in on the trend. If you bring a reusable bowl, you can get a month of salad for $129 . . . and it’s supposed to be a good deal, since their salads run about $12. They got an award from the EPA for the program . . . and they say it’s saving more than 75,000 pounds of plastic a year.

So could we start to see this trend in even more places? According to the director of a nonprofit called the Earth Day Initiative, things ARE going to keep moving this way. Quote, “There’s a big uptick in people who are willing to carry around reusable containers. It’s becoming the standard.”

Would you be OK with doing this?



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