Have You Ever Freaked Out When You Saw a Bug in Your Car?

Couple in a car at sunset, with happy girl driving fast and boy scared, screaming and praying.

Randy & Steph want to know—Have you ever completely freaked out when a bug flew into your car, or when you saw a spider on your dashboard? Please share the story of how you handled it.

We hope you didn’t do THIS:

A driver in Lafayette, Louisiana was pulling out of their driveway last week when they saw an insect in the car. We don’t know the exact type of insect, but the driver was so freaked out that they JUMPED out of the moving car.

And it kept rolling . . . and wound up crashing into a bayou.

A dive team was able to pull the car out of the water, but we’d have to assume it’s a total loss. Fortunately, no one was hurt in the crash and, as far as we know, the driver isn’t facing any charges. Don’t know what happened to the bug.



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