I USED To Have Cute Feet…

I was at a family and friends get together yesterday so I wanted to look nice. These days I feel terrible. My beautiful pregnancy glowing skin is now replaced with what’s called the “pregnancy mask.” My MATERNITY clothes don’t even fit anymore, and I can’t figure out anything to do with my hair (chopping it tomorrow.) So when I actually did my makeup and put on a dress and, what I thought would be decently comfortable and cute shoes, I felt fantastic! Fast forward a couple hours when I’m on my way home, driving, and my feet are hurting like crazy. I get home…take off my shoes…and this is what I see. OH MY DAMN. My husband yells “WHAT DO WE DO?!” HAHAHA He thought they were going to pop! I raised them, drank some water, and the swelling went down a LITTLE bit. But let’s face it…These Flinstone feet aren’t going anywhere. I really can’t wait to be able to look normal again.



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