Is It Safe To Put Vicks on Baby’s Feet?

Our little Brooklynne has been sick for going on two weeks now.
(We) Took her to the doctor right away to make sure it wasn’t anything more than a virus or cold, and it’s not.
But golly, it seems like her cough isn’t ever going to end.  It effects her bottle drinking, and sleeping.

Vick’s vs. Baby Vicks

Yesterday, I was telling a friend what was going on. She said when her kids were smaller, she put some Vick’s on their feet, slipped their socks on, and it helped immensely.  I thought, HOT DANG.

So last night, I did just that. I even told my Mom my plans and she answered with “Good idea” because of course, she had done the exact same thing with me and Baby Vick’s did not exist when I was little.

But. Then. I. Went. To. Dr Google.


Warning: Do not put Vick’s on babies feet under the age of 2.

“The ingredients in Vicks VapoRub can irritate the airways and increase mucus production. The effect isn’t huge, says Dr. Rubin, but it can be significant in infants and young children (under 2) who have very small airways to begin with. And when those pipes are already inflamed from a cold or other infection, a little bit of extra inflammation and mucus may narrow them quickly and severely.” (Parenting Magazine)

I immediately feel like a mom failure and grab diaper wipes and dab the Vick’s from the bottom of her feet while she sleeps.

I have ZERO plans to put the adult version again, but I have to admit, she did sleep better last night.

Did you put regular Vick’s on your baby’s feet?



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