Is Your Car One of Your Best Friends?

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On today’s Morning Mix, Randy & Steph are talking about how a recent survey found most of us consider our cars to be a “friend.” What’s one of your fondest memory associated with your car or truck?

That new survey found 64% of Americans consider their car to be a “friend.” And just like real friendships, we’re willing to make sacrifices for it. Here are eight stats from the survey . . .

1. 44% of car owners have named their car before.
2. Over a third of us would rather get a cut or scratch on our body than on our car.
3. 15% of people would rather break a bone than have their car break down.
4. 21% would rather spend a full day in jail than have their car totaled.
5. 13% would rather break up with their significant other than lose their car.
6. 70% of us have at least one fond memory associated with our car. The top memories include first dates . . . a first kiss . . . a proposal . . . a road trip . . . bringing a baby home from the hospital . . . and driving around blasting music.
7. 45% of us have CRIED when we had to get a new car. We assume cost has something to do with that one.
8. The average American spends 8 hours and 22 minutes in their car each week. Which is 1 hour and 12 minutes a day . . . or 18 full days a year.



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