Laundry: To put away, or not to put away, that is the question?

Laundry room with tall pile of clothes.

The way my husband and myself thought about the laundry process differed A LOT when we first got together.

His idea of course, was to wash and dry them only when he had completely run out of something.

Mine is to wash clothes daily. If not every other day.

I get it, he’s a guy.

But the kicker is, that he never, ever, ever put them away in his dresser.
Instead it was filled with lots random cords, wires, and video game accessories.

I hadn’t really thought about it for years since I’ve been taking care of the laundry.

But the other night,  while chatting with a couple of friends, I told about his pre-marriage laundry habits.

One laughed and said hers used to do the same thing.

The other didn’t laugh, but said that’s what she does!

So it got me thinking…..maybe more people “live” out a laundry basket than I think.

Do you?




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