Law Firm Accuses 29 Diocese of Peoria Priests Of Sexual Abuse

(25 News) — A law firm is set to release a list of 395 Catholic clergy and laypersons accused of sexual misconduct from all six Catholic dioceses in Illinois on Wednesday.

Jeff Anderson and Associates is holding a press conference in Chicago to announce the release of their 185-page report detailing the priests accused of sexual abuse.

The law firm is also demanding the release of the names of more than 500 priests and clergy members identified by former Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan as the targets of sexual abuse allegations, in addition to the 185 priests already publicly identified as “credibly accused” by the church. The Diocese of Peoria said they cooperated with the attorney general’s probe.

News partner 25 News reports the law firm is also asking for files pertaining to each person accused of sexual abuse.

The report identifies 29 priests accused of sexual abuse while serving in the Catholic Diocese of Peoria. Of those, 26 are already identified as “credibly accused” by the diocese.

A further eight priests or laypersons who served with the Peoria diocese are listed under a list of those accused in Illinois. Some of their actions happened outside the state, the law firm alleges.

Read the released report HERE.



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