Momo: Real or not…

We talked about whether or not we would discuss this Momo Challenge on the air. To me, I think it’s getting enough press and I didn’t want to give it anymore thought. However, there are conflicting reports on it and I thought I would address what I’ve seen.

YouTube issued a statement saying it doesn’t exist. issued a report saying it’s a hoax. However, children are telling their parents they have seen it and they are scared. I have one friend who said her daughter was acting differently and when she asked her what was going on…she ended up having to pry it out of her. She said her daughter told her she saw this Momo thing come on in the middle of one of her videos and it told her not to tell her parents or something bad was going to happen. My niece told my sister she saw it and she ended her video quickly. The takeaway here is our children ARE being exposed to something popping up in their videos! The more people I see arguing saying it’s just a hoax, the more frustrated I get. When a child tells you they saw something that made them scared or uncomfortable, it is OUR job to believe them and make them feel safe. Telling kids YouTube issued a statement saying it isn’t real and you didn’t actually see it, is really dangerous. Telling kids you believe what you read online over them is making them think you won’t believe them in the future, and may hinder kids from telling you anything else.

Believe your kids, not what’s on the internet. Trust your kids and make them feel safe. This Momo crap is just that…crap. It’s not about that, it’s about listening to our kids. Regardless of what the image is saying or doing, these kids are seeing this image and just that is scary enough. It’s our job to make our kids feel safe and to let them know they can always talk to us.



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