New State Law Helps Districts Get Students Safely To School

A new state law provides funding to help kids living in crime-ridden areas get to school safely.

Districts can already get state reimbursement for busing students who live near school but have to cross over railroad tracks or busy highways.

The new law lets districts get reimbursed for providing transportation to students who live close to school, but have to walk through areas with criminal gang activity.

“The law is going to provide an option for school districts to determine if there is such activity going on, and if there is, they’re going to work with local law enforcement to make that determination,” said Tim Imler with the State Board of Education.

“Some of the resources we have provided on our website are a parent letter to send to the school district indicating that they believe there is activity around their child that walks to school.”

Imler says parents should work with their child’s school to set up the transportation.

A sample letter letter families can use and more information can be found HERE.



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