Playskool Manifest

Grandma and Grandpa B gifted little Brooklynne with what every little girl needs in life: Her first Little People Play Set.
It was the pink plane, complete with a pilot and 2 person flight crew.
Little (no pun intended) did we know at the time how MUCH of a liking puppy dog Josie would take to these plastic characters.
But alas, one after another, they disappeared.
After looking online, I ran to target and found a new crew for the currently grounded aircraft.
It was a set of 6 Disney Princesses.
Score! It was decided that Jasmine would be the pilot since she had the most experience flying. (Duh, magic carpet ride)
So one day went by. And then….tragedy stuck.
While little Brooklynne was getting her night time bath, Josie struck again.

No Prince’s kiss is bringing her back this time.
May she rest in pieces.

Josie says “She’s sorry. For now.”



Dear Job: This is why I am always late The presents were wrapped with duct tape with care Brooklynne meets Santa! So what do you get a baby for Christmas? Are they like peas and carrots? Microwave Turkey For Everyone!