Please Dig Out Your Garbage Can

We got a LOT of snow this past weekend, and it sounds like we’re getting more this coming weekend. While the road crews are out clearing pathways for us to drive in, something to think about is clearing out a pathway to your garbage and recycling bins. Sure, there are some trucks with that sweet arm that comes out and picks it up so the person doesn’t have to get out of the truck. But most of the Peoria trucks don’t have that. My husband is one of your friendly garbage men who doesn’t have one of those trucks. They have HUNDREDS of stops a day, it’s not just your neighborhood they hit. When a garbage can is embanked in snow, they have to dig it out and lift it out of the snowbank and then dump it. Times that by a LOT, and that takes quite a toll on the body. So please do me a solid and dig out your can…I’d like to keep my husband healthy for a while 😀




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