Red Cross Facing Critical Shortage of Type O Blood

The American Red Cross is facing a critical shortage of type O blood.

Spokesperson Laura McGuire said there is now less than a two-day supply, when the Red Cross likes to keep a five-day supply.

Type O blood is considered the universal blood type, and can be used in emergency situations.

“Anytime there is any kind of emergency tragedy, and ER personnel do not have time to take a person’s blood, O-negative basically works for everybody,” McGuire said.

According to McGuire, it is a very sought after blood type.

Currently, they have six units of Type-O blood available for every 100,000 people, but they should have at least 14.

“The blood is going out to the hospitals faster than we’re getting it in,” McGuire said.

But, even if you are not an O blood type, the Red Cross is still in need of all blood types.

“The only way we can get blood is from one another. Blood can not be manufactured. It does have an expiration date,” McGuire said.

McGuire said a superhero themed blood drive is coming soon to Peoria, including an appearance by Batman.



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