Some Things to Do With Your Leftover Halloween Candy

On today’s Morning Mix, some creative ways to use that leftover Halloween candy:

  1. Bake it into a cake. Peanut butter cups and fun-size candy work great in cakes or brownies. Just Google “Halloween candy cake recipes.”
  2. Work it into Thanksgiving. Marshmallows on yams are the norm. But Parenting Magazine claims candy corn on the yams might be even better. (!!)
  3. Use it in an advent calendar for Christmas. It’s pretty easy to make one with your kids. The website AlphaMom has instructions on how to do it with little paper cups and tissue paper.
  4. Flavor your own vodka. Just put a few pieces of candy in a glass container with a lid, like a mason jar. Then fill it the rest of the way with vodka…close the lid…wait a few days…and boom you’ve got skittles (or other candy) flavored vodka!

Have you discovered any other great ways to use that Halloween candy…other than eating it all?



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