The Five Places We Miss When Spring Cleaning

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We’re a month out from summer. Have you gotten your spring cleaning done yet? On today’s Morning Mix, Randy & Steph are talking about the top five spots we forget about when we spring clean . . .

1. Baseboards along your walls. Just use the brush attachment on your vacuum. And for scuff marks, use a sponge or a Magic Eraser.

2. Curtains. Again, the brush attachment on your vacuum works well. But if they’re really dirty, you might need to wash them or have them professionally cleaned.

3. Window blinds. One way to clean them is by taking two microfiber cloths, and using rubber bands to wrap them around a pair of tongs. Or, just put an old sock on your hand and use that to clean between each blind.

4. Ceiling fans. They’re the dirtiest thing in the room, and we still forget them. Instead of paper towels, use an old pillowcase to catch all the dust. Then just dump it out and toss it in the wash when you’re done.

5. Behind the toilet. That one’s not “forgotten” as much as it’s “ignored.” It’s hard to reach, and a lot of people skip it. So it can get pretty gross back there.

Do you have any good cleaning hacks for these spots?

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