The presents were wrapped with duct tape with care

This year after having a couple of unexpected bills pop up, my husband and self agreed not to shop for one another.

After 4 years of marriage and 6 total years together, I guess we are good to be past the must-get-present-phase. Which is cool.


I get this picture with a text that says “Brooklynne and I decided you need a Christmas present after all”

Whhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaat. No! That’s not the plan. Crap.

The funny part is, he found the pretty, shiny, wrapping paper, but could not locate the scotch tape (it was in the same container).

So, my wonderful surprise Christmas present has successfully been secured shut with non-other than black duct tape.

Jeff Foxworthy would be proud.





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