The Things Dads Say They Really Want for Father’s Day

Young girl with mommy celebrating dad's birthday

Father’s Day is this Sunday. And if you haven’t gotten your dad a present, don’t worry . . . apparently after all these years of Father’s Day neglect, Dads have REALLY lowered their expectations for what they want.

On today’s Morning Mix, Randy & Steph have the results of a new survey that asked dads what they want the most for Father’s Day, and here are the results . . .

1. A phone call from my kids (at least), 47%.
2. A big steak, 41%.
3. Some peace and quiet, 38%
4. Watching a baseball game with the family, 38%.
5. A few beers, 35%.
6. A cheap, practical gift like socks or a tie, 35%.
7. A glass of wine, 34%.
8. To watch whatever I want on TV, 34%.
9. A glass of whiskey, 29%.
10. An expensive physical gift, like an Apple watch, 29%.

(New York Post)



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