Three Things t Know 3-15-19

Three Things to Know:

  1. A new trend is to take separate honeymoons. They are called “unimoons” or Solomoon.” The bride and groom go on their own trip…either by themselves or with friends, after the wedding.
  2. The World Wide Web turns 30 this week! Would you be able to give up the ‘net FOREVER for $1.3 million? 48% said yes, and 32% said no
  3. St. Patty’s Day Stats: 1.  70% of people with St. Patrick’s Day plans will wear green.  That includes 75% of women and 66% of men, 2.  28% of people with plans want to hit up a parade this weekend.  We’re guessing a lot of those people have kids, 3.  Should St. Patrick’s Day be a FEDERAL holiday, where government workers get the day off?  Only 10% of people in the survey said yes. 


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