Three Things to Know: 1-10-19

Three Things to Know:

  1. A guy in England took to Reddit for help after he proposed to the wrong girl on New Years Eve. Here’s the deal, this D.B. has a girlfriend, but he’s been cheating on her with one of his coworkers. His plan was to dump the girlfriend and propose to the side piece. HOWEVER, on NYE he got wasted at a party with his GF and got swept up in the moment and proposed to HER. When he sobered up, he asked Reddit how to unpropose to someone. After thinking on it for a bit, he decided marrying his gf is the right move, he decided to go with it and not tell her any of this. He’s going to end things with his coworker.
  2. Fruit snacks are covered in the same wax as cars.
  3. “Beer o’Clock” is a popular phrase among dads and other gentlemen who prefer a cold one any time of the day. A new study figured out when beer o’clock really is and it’s at 6:31pm on Friday.


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