Three Things to Know: 1-11-19

Three Things to Know:

  1. Ashley Keister found her one true love in West Wyoming, Pennsylvania! Problem is, he didn’t feel the same. Add her incessant advances and the fact he’s a POLICE OFFICER and things could go south real quick. The 27 year old was arrested by this hot cop back in May and that’s when the love at first sight started. Since then, she’s been sending him pictures and messages on social media, sending messages to the station, and even calling 911 to try to talk to him. The CHIEF even told her to stop! Soooo Monday she used a garbage can to smash through the doors to the police station, went through the file cabinets, and looked for more info about the cop. When they tried arresting her, she tried fighting them. Finally, she WAS arrested for aggravated assault, harassment and criminal mischief.
  2. Do you love mac n cheese? Costco has a prize for you! They are now selling a 27 pound bucket of mac n cheese. This equals to 6 gallons, 180 servings, and has a shelf life of 20 years. It will cost you $90.
  3. A woman recently posted on Reddit that one of her best friends had a daughter a few months ago and named her Nix Ryan. She thought it was weird since her son’s first name is Nix and her daughter’s middle name is Ryan. So she said “wow our kids share names” and her friend said “I didn’t even realize it.” Yea, sure. She didn’t believe it and said they WERE best friends but now they aren’t even regular friends.


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