Three Things to Know 1-23-19

Three Things to Know:

1. Vaev is a company who needs to be shut down. They are selling tissues that have already been used. YUP used tissues. The box of grossness costs $80 and they claim using these helps build up your immune system to get you ready for flu season. Docs are NOT on board with this…One doc said “That’s bizarre. This seems like a total waste of money.”

2. Gender reveal parties are a ton of fun! And now they can be super delicious. A restaurant chain called Villa Italian Kitchen created Gender Reveal Lasagna. They bake you some lasagna with cheese inside that’s been dyed pink or blue. Just like with a cake, when you cut into the lasagna you find out if you’re having a boy or girl. It will run you $140 and comes with rolls and a salad that feeds 12 people.

3. There’s a petition running on to make the Saints and the Rams replay the game this Sunday because of the controversial finish. As of last night, it had more than 680,000 signatures. The goal is a million. To top it off, a Louisiana lawyer who calls himself “The Strong Arm of the Law” has filed a civil lawsuit against the NFL. ALSO, a businessman from Louisiana put up billboards saying “Saints Got Robbed” and “NFL Bleaux It” in Atlanta, where the Super Bowl is taking place.




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