Three Things to Know 1-7-19

Three Things to Know:

1. Police in Ironton, Ohio found a box that said “Not Dope” on it inside a library. When they opened it, guess what they found…a syringe and meth. They are still trying to find the owners.

2. Three inmates in North Carolina were picking up trash on the side of a road when the guard watching them passed out. Instead of running off, they helped him and saved his life. The guard, James Smith, is in his 60s and had a stroke. The inmates grabbed his phone and dialed 911. They ended up getting rewarded for it and that could help them land jobs when they get out.

3. 46 year old August Williams tried kidnapping a woman at a mall in Charlotte, North Carolina and tried forcing her into his car. She was able to get away and ran straight into a karate studio. She quickly told the guy inside what was happening and when August came running in he swung at the guy inside. Bad move…the guy inside happened to be Randall Ephraim and is the head instructor. Randall laid out August. He’s facing multiple charges for kidnapping, assault and more.



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