Three Things to Know: 1-9-19

Three Things to Know:

  1. Damir Border is your average 13 year old who didn’t want to listen to his mom when she told him to stop watching Netflix and go to bed. So after SHE went to bed, he continued watching anyway, and it’s a good thing he did. Around 1 in the morning, their breaker box caused a fire to flare up and destroy their home. Damir was still awake, watching Netflix, so he was able to wake up his mom and call 911. The home was a total loss, but Damir saved his mom’s life.
  2. A family in Salinas, California was out of town this past weekend, thank goodness, when this disgusting thing happened. For some reason, they decided to review their security footage and found a guy LICKING their doorbell for THREE HOURS!!! The guy has been identified and police are currently looking for him. 3 hours. gross.
  3. If you need a new hair cut but don’t want to pay for it, KFC is hooking you up. A barbershop in Brooklyn is helping KFC give away free bowl cuts. The even have 4 different bowl cut styles to chose from.


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