Three Things to Know 2-11-19

Three Things to Know:

  1. For Valentine’s Day this year, give the gift you know your significant other will love…a bouquet of OLIVE GARDEN BREADSTICKS!! If you log on to their site, there’s a template you can download and print that will fold into a bouquet container, then head to OG to pick up some breadsticks to fill it with and there ya go! The bouquet they really want!

2. Police in Towson University in Maryland are warning students of a women wandering campus trying to get her son a date. She’s walking up to people on campus, showing them a pic of her son on her phone, and asking them if they would date him. Police won’t charge her with anything, they just want to tell her to stop.

3.  A company called Nightfood said they’ve created an ice cream that will help you fall asleep. This ice cream is different because it has extra protein and lots of amino acids and enzymes that will supposedly help you sleep better. It’s low calorie, too.







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