Three Things to Know 2-12-19

Three Things to Know:

  1. Rage Yoga is a thing now. It’s just like what you would think it is…while doing yoga poses you yell, curse, and drink. The website ( says it’s “zen as “eff.” One of the instructors says all the yelling and raging will help you “let go of your frustration and rage in a healthy way.”
  2. The guy who founded Honda was Soichiro Honda. He applied for a job at Toyota but they didn’t hire him, so he created his own company.
  3. According to a new poll, the #1 thing guys want for Valentine’s Day is NOTHING. 500 guys were asked what they want and 41% said they don’t want anything. 25% of women also said they don’t want gifts this year. However, if you plan on getting your S.O. a gift, here’s the top 5 things they DO want: Women– card, candy, flowers, jewelry, and a massage. Guys–candy, card, booze, breakfast in bed, book.


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