Three Things to Know 2-5-19

Three Things to Know:

  1. Maddie is a student at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. Lately, she and her roommates have been worried they might have a GHOST in their house because stuff had been disappearing and there were hand prints on the wall. They even heard rattling in the closet. Saturday, Maddie had had enough so she got the courage to open the closet when she heard the noises and found some GUY in there trying on her clothes!!! Cops arrested a 30 year old named Andrew Swofford for breaking and entering. This whole time it was some creepy guy lurking in their house.
  2. A new study out of Ohio State University found kids who are more likely to be successful in school are the ones whose parents take the time to help them study. They say the most important factor in how your kid does in school is how much time you spend with them.
  3. A company called QuadrigaCX from Canada manage about $137 million worth of their customers digital cryptocurrency assests. So they’re pretty much a stock market exchange with digital currencies like Bitcoin. People use real money to buy, sell, and trade those currencies and the company stores their assets. The founder of the company just died and he was the ONLY ONE who knew the password to the hard drive! So now, no one can access their money. His widow filed for bankruptcy protection for the company until they can figure out what to do.


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