Three Things to Know 2-7-19

Three Things to Know:

  1. Bingo Night got LIT recently when police were called to a nursing home in Rideau Lakes, Ontario, Canada. A 79 year old woman and an 86 year old woman got into a fight over a game of bingo. The fight started when one of the women took someone else’s regular seat. When it got physical, more people joined in on the fight! Cops were able to break it up…if they weren’t able to stop a bunch of oldies fighting, I’d question the physical capability of said cops.
  2. 65 year old Henry Jaume from New Orleans died around 1 Sunday afternoon. He was a HUGE Saints fan, so in his obituary it says he died at that time because he was “determined not to watch the Super Bowl.” To see his obit and read more about this hilarious guy, click HERE
  3. New Emojis were just announced and they include: a deaf person, people in wheelchairs, blind people using canes, seeing eye dog, flamingo, sloth, skunk, waffle, butter, onion, juice box, drop of blood, and a hand making a pinching gesture.


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