Three Things to Know 3-11-19

Three Things to Know:

  1. Hidden Valley Ranch promised to fill anything with ranch at an event in Vegas on Saturday….and they DID!! Some people brought storage bins and a couple people funneled Ranch into their mouth!
  2. It’s National Napping Day! A new study found 56% of people who say they are poor sleepers feel much worse when there’s a shift in their sleep schedule (Ahem Daylight Saving Time…we’re looking at you.) Where’s your fave spot to take a little snooze fest?
  3. Peep on a Perch might be the next Elf on a Shelf. For the SECOND year, makers of Peeps are selling “Peep on a Perch” sets which includes an oversized Peep stuffed animal, and a book explaining how it assists the Easter Bunny, and spies on kids to make sure they behave until Easter. The set costs $25  ($19 on Amazon)


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