Three Things to Know 3-12-19

Three Things to Know

  1. Police in San Diego were trying to find a serial bank robber recently. The first heist happened in December, and they finally found him Tuesday after he tried robbing a Navy Federal Credit Union. The robber is 43 year old Karl Doron, who’s a Neuroscientist with a PhD. According to his LinkedIn page, he studied brain sciences at the University of California; worked at Dartmouth, Boston University, and University of California; and was in the Marines. Karl is now facing 7 counts of bank robbery and 2 counts of attempted bank robbery. He’s facing 15 years in prison if he’s convicted.
  2. A flight from Saudi Arabia to Maylaysia had to turn around and return to the gate after a woman on board forgot her newborn baby in the terminal at the airport. She didn’t realize it until after the plane had already pushed back from the gate. There’s audio of the pilot talking to ground control. They asked him to repeat himself, just to make sure they heard him right, then cleared him to turn around. They found the baby and it’s ok.
  3. Because pancakes are SOOO GOOD, there are TWO National Pancake Days a year: 1 in September and 1 TODAY. The one today was invented by IHOP in 2006 so they could give away pancakes. They decided to change the name of the holiday to IHOP Free Pancake Day. You can get a free short stack today between 7am and 7pm. This is also a fundraiser tho. They encourage you to donate some money to help sick kids with cancer.


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