Three Things to Know 3-13-19

Three Things to Know

  1. The biggest sale in Walmart history was from Shaq in 2008. He spent $70,000 at a store when he was traded from Miami to Phoenix. He bought everything for his new house at Walmart.
  2. 2 bros in Germany recently picked up a gig where they had to get a rich guy’s yacht in New Zealand and sail it to Brazil for him. Arne Murke (one of the brothers) was knocked overboard when the main sail crashed into him. He couldn’t get back to the boat, even though his bro tried to throw a life preserver to him. A huge swell carried Arne out to sea. Arne used his jeans as a floatation device!  They actually teach you this trick in the Navy. You take them off and tie the ends of the pant legs together into a knot. Then you pull them up and over the water to trap air inside, and hold the waist closed with your hands. After that you can stick your head through the legs and use your jeans like a life jacket. Arne floated around for about 3 1/2 hours before the Coast Guard found him.
  3. I think this is probably common knowledge, but a study was done anyway and found early birds make more money than night owls. The average early bird gets 7 hours of sleep, does the love deed 3 times a week, and is more likely to be married. The average night owl only gets 6 hours of sleep, gets lucky twice a week, and more likely to believe in ghosts.


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