Three Things to Know 3-14-19

Three Things to Know:

  1. Your mom has told you again and again to stop using Q-Tips…and there may be something behind that. A 31 year old British guy developed a severe infection in the lining of his brain, caused by a cotton swab. He collapsed from a sudden seizure and was rushed to the emergency room. Thru a CT scan they found a severe infection of his left ear canal that spread to the lining of his brain. While in surgery, docs discovered the tip of a cotton swab in his ear canal. It was so impacted with earwax and debris, that it seemed to have been there for quite awhile. The guy said he’d been having ear aches that sometimes turned into migraines so bad he would throw up. Clearly, this broken off cotton swab that had been there for 5 years was the source. The surgery was a success and he’s recovering now.
  2. Today is National Pi Day! What’s your fave pie? Kroger has deals on Pumpkin and fruit pies today
  3. It’s, also, National Potato Chip Day!! My fave are Baked Doritos…what’s yours?


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