Three Things to Know 3-22-19

Three Things to Know:

  1. A 72 year old man fell into a river in Germany and began to drift. He would have died of hypothermia if it hadn’t been for a creepy webcam watcher. Hamburg water police received a call from someone saying they saw a man floating in the river and let the police know where. They were able to catch the man and save his life.
  2. Studies have linked age related issues like dementia to specific proteins that cause inflammation in your body. As your skin ages, it can cause your immune system to release more of those proteins, and since your skin is your largest organ, it can basically flood your body with them. You might be able to prevent that from happening if you just moisturize more. Researchers in San Francisco had seniors put lotion on twice a day for a month, and it drastically reduced the amount of those proteins they had in their body.
  3. The Florida Man Challenge is a hysterical online challenge you can do very easily. Here’s how it works: Google the tern “Florida Man” followed by your birthday. A headline from a stupid Florida Man criminal story will be one of the first results. What’s yours?


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