Three Things to Know 3-4-19

Three Things to Know:

  1. Judith Streng is a grandmother from Texas who was touring Iceland with her son last week. They saw a chunk of ice shaped like a throne that had washed up on a beach. She wanted a picture on it, so she sat on it while her son snapped the moment. However, as she was posing, a large wave rolled in and took her out to sea. The water was SUPER cold so if she fell in, hypothermia would have set in fast. Thankfully, someone on a boat saw it happen and picked her up. Her son got pics of the whole thing, and now they’re going viral. Click HERE for the pics
  2. Someone near Minneapolis called the cops last Thursday when she said she saw a guy in the distance standing perfectly still, with no jacket on, staring straight at them with a big smile on his face. She said he was even holding a pillow and hugging it in a creepy way. She called him “deranged” and when she told the cops this they thought he may be having some sort of mental breakdown. Soooo they showed up and got close enough to see it was actually a cardboard cutout of Mike Lindell! The guy from the MyPillow commercials! HAHAHA! They still don’t know how the cutout got there. If you don’t know who it is, HERE’S the FB post from the police station.
  3. Do you call your significant other while you’re/they’re at work? A new poll asked 4,000 people if they do and how often:1.  5% of people said they check in once an HOUR.2.  9% say once every couple of hours.

    3.  17% touch base “a few times a day.”

    4.  20% said once or twice a day.

    5.  The most popular answer was “rarely” at 23%.

    6.  And 11% said they NEVER check in while they’re at work.

    How many times do YOU check in while at work?



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