Three Things to Know 4-16-19

Three Things to Know:

  1. The most Canadian thing happened over the weekend. Cops in St. John’s got a call about a runaway moose in the city. The cops started tracking it so they could return it to his home in the woods. As they followed it, the moose ended up leading them to a stolen car that was reported missing the night before. The moose finally made its way back to the woods, as his job was done.
  2. Ticresha Cox was recently hired as a cashier at a gas station near Oklahoma City. Tommy Robinson is a truck driver who got a burger there on Friday and started choking on it. Ticresha was restocking when she heard him fall down. She yelled for help, but no one else was there. She ran over, got him back on his feet, did the Heimlich and was able to save him! Security cams got it all on tape. She looks like a superhero!
  3. In “The More You Know” news: The guy who invented the revolving door came up with it because he hated having to open doors for women.


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