Three Things to Know 4-18-19

Three Things to Know:

  1. 65 year old Clarese Gainey lives in Gainesville, Florida and she isn’t messing around. Sunday night, she heard a noise outside her apartment and saw a 300 pound guy trying to break into her car. So, being a former softball player, she grabbed her bat and yelled at him to get away from her car. So he charged at her. She swung that bat and hit him square in the head! She said “I took that bat and hit him upside the head like ‘Pi-Yow!’ and he said ‘Owww!'” The cops were able to track him and he was arrested. For the video with the interview click HERE
  2. A guy (nameless for his safety) in the UK was complaining online the other day, WHILE his wife was in labor, that he wasn’t catered to while in the hospital. He was in the waiting room and he was mad that after 12 hours, no one offered him something to drink, and it made him feel invisible. He posted this on something called “The Dad’s Net” and titled his post “Second Class Citizens.” People pretty much told him he’s an idiot. Others told him he should have been IN THE ROOM WITH HIS WIFE HELPING HER.
  3. The next Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin Eve will have a Powerball drawing right after the ball drop.


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