Three Things to Know 5-9-19

Three Things to Know:

  1. 65 year old Glen Miller in Philadelphia was a busy guy last year. He saw 316 movies…in a year…there are 365 days in a year… the theater he saw all the movies at sent him an email thanking him for going to Regal UA Riverview Plaza so much, and rewarded him with a $500 gift card! Glen said “It’s my comfort zone. I do a little praying in there, a little meditation,” Miller said. “I may not even always go into the movies every time. I may just stay in the lobby and do a little prayer.”
  2. The State University of New York, Platssburgh, used therapy donkeys to help students relax for finals. The nonprofit group, TheraPets, brought in donkeys before the test.
  3. Only about 9% of plastic waste gets recycled, and most of it ends up in landfills and the ocean. It’s not easy to recycle plastic either… Under perfect conditions, you can only recycle plastic 7 to 9 times, then it turns into trash. So a team of researchers with the Department of Energy created a new type of plastic that can be recycled an infinite number of times. It’s called PDK plastic and it’s a lot cheaper and easier to recycle than other types. To read more on it, click HERE


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