Three Things to Know 6-10-19

Three Things to Know:

  1. An ABC affiliate in Scranton, PA had a segment on the news where people can call in and give their opinions. PRETTY brave of them. Last week one of the callers said he knew why the area had seen more tornadoes. He told everyone, “We didn’t have tornadoes here until we started putting in the traffic circles…You wanna know why? When people go round and round in circles, it causes disturbances in the atmosphere and causes tornadoes.” Click HERE to hear the audio (starts at 1:08)
  2. Frontier Communication is offering $1000 to you if you get rid of your smart phone for a week and use a flip phone instead. If you’re interested, you can apply on their WEBSITE. They will pick someone July 8th.
  3. A few police officers in Salt Lake City, Utah called 911 last week after they got stuck in an elevator. Here’s the kicker, the elevator was in a public safety building, which is also the building the 911 dispatchers work. The cops had to reiterate it wasn’t a joke and they were seriously stuck in the building. Sooo the dispatchers sent over the Salt Lake city fire department to rescue them. When the cops found out it was the FD rescuing them, one of them said, “I bet they can’t wait to post this on social media.” and they definitely did.


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