Three Things to Know 6-11-19

Three Things to Know:

  1. Miller Lite just created a beer can that works as a video game controller. On the can is a control pad, buttons, and a Bluetooth connection to hook up to your computer. The bad part is, if you want one, you have to go to LA tomorrow and beat comedian Eric Andre in a game of Street Fighter.
  2. Kraft is trying to get kids to eat their veggies so they are selling Salad Frosting…it’s actually just ranch dressing. Kraft is hoping it will push kids to use it on their vegetables. To be honest, ranch isn’t that much healthier than frosting when it comes to calories and fat. It DOES have less sugar so there’s that. Plus, it might help kids eat their veggies.
  3. A 47 year old successfully robbed TWO banks with an avocado. He painted it black and pretended it was a grenade. He was able to get $4500 in the first robbery and $3300 in the second. Cops were able to find him by tracking his phone.


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