Three Things to Know 6-12-19

Three Things to Know:

  1. People are saying it’s OK to register for house warming gifts. The website Refinery29 posted an article on it and more people think it’s fine vs tacky. What do you think?
  2. Some companies have started using new fibers and treatments to make clothes that won’t ever stink so you can go months without washing them. This is an environmental conscious move, because 17% of the water you use in your home comes from washing machines. Fast Company is the main company behind this movement. One brand makes a seaweed fiber t-shirt that says you’ll save almost 800 gallons of water by not having to wash it as often as a regular t-shirt.
  3. A new study out of Duke University found being pregnant is as hard on your body as running a marathon. Your body is working so hard and needs so many calories it’s like you’re an endurance athlete. They said it also maxes out the body’s energy. If it were any harder, it wouldn’t even be physically possible.


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