Three Things to Know 6-14-19

Three Things to Know:

  1. Dad Bods are IN! A new survey found dad bods are more popular than ever with 79% of men saying they’re happy with their dad bod…and t.b.h., so are the women! 78% of women say a dad bid is a sign of confidence in a guy. 51% of the people questioned say it’s the new “6 pack”
  2. 49 year old Henry Ford from Detroit is wanted for car theft. He stole GPS units out of cars and was arrested, but was released. After he got out, he cut off his ankle monitor, mailed it back the Michigan Department of Corrections (that was nice of him to return it), and stole some tires off a Ford EcoSport. To be fair…they did have his name on them…
  3. Ron Little is a police officer near Pheonix and showed up when a 26 year old was about to jump off an overpass. He was over a fence and would have fallen onto a busy highway if he let go. Ron radioed in and told everyone to stay off the bridge because he didn’t want to scare the guy. So Ron sat there and told him his name. He offered to give the guy a hug if he climbed back over the fence, and kept bringing up the hug. The guy eventually climbed back over, got a hug, and cried on Ron’s shoulder. A video shows the whole thing, and ends by showing them walking off the bridge together. For the vid, click HERE


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