Today’s Three Things To Know: Coffee Loses It’s Fresh Brewed Flavor VERY quickly; A Real Dream Job; and a Cause of Bad Breath You Probably Never Thought Of

Today’s Morning Mix Three Things to Know:

1. Coffee loses 70% of its flavor within two minutes of being brewed. So, make it and drink it quickly.

2. Here’s a Dream Job for you–The cookware company Ooni is hiring 10 people to cook and eat pizza using their outdoor pizza grills. And, they’re paying up to $1,000 A DAY!!

3. If you hold in your flatulence instead of just getting rid of it, your body will eventually release it through your MOUTH instead! That’s according to a¬†nutrition professor in England. And yes, when it comes out of your mouth, it will smell like you have bad breath.¬† Yeeesh!!



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